OP-Z synth sample hack

Update: I've gotten rid of the OP-Z and won't update this anymore

Select a 6 second mono 44.1 16bit aiff sample in the key of A in the input below. This will add the synth APPL marker and will download a modified aiff file with the same name but ending in '-opz.aif'.
This all happens in your browser, the file is never uploaded.

Update: You can now change the base frequency of the sample by changing the input field before selecting the aiff. Please use . as a decimal separator. If you don't know what this means, just leave it at 440.0.

Update: The original file name is now kept and you can process multiple files at the same time (in most browsers). This is helpful for people creating sample packs.

You might want to read my Comprehensive Guide to Samples and the OP-Z