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Hey there!

I'm Gero.
I'm an artist and developer kind of person dabbling in lots of different things. I'll try to compile the interesting stuff in a list here.

Contact me at gero [at] this domain.

mastodon, youtube, bandcamp.

I earn my living as a freelance web developer. If you think we should work together, feel free to contact me! I prefer working with smaller companies and without intermediate HR agencies.

I have just published the first public release of the ottopot MIDI controller


I am currently building and documenting a DIY MIDI controller I'm calling the Ottopot.
It's 8 endless potentiometers + LED rings, it sends 14bit CCs and lives in a 3D printed case.
Read more about it on this mastodon post.
I will update this page with more info and build instructions as soon as I can.


Eimer-Timer, a tool to help you create an .ics from a printed Abfallkalender.


I made a browser based webmidi chord memory trigger thing


I've written a hammerspoon script to make it possible to have X/Y transpose dials for the LinnStrument.


I've played around with WebMidi and wrote a step sequencer using WebMidi and Vue.js. I still need to write a bit about how to use it.


I've bought a teenage engineering OP-Z and wrote a software for it that lets you put samples on the synth tracks. I also wrote a guide with some details about putting samples on the device.

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